So easy to use…

Meet Gswitch: the newest, easiest, most efficient way of reducing power usage

Start saving today

  • Non-essential power is controlled so that appliances won’t be quietly chewing up power on stand-by mode.
  • Lights switch off automatically going off when your not home. This  saves energy, and gives you peace of mind that nothing is left on.
  • Monitoring the amount electricity you use from your phone, laptop or any smart device. You can even see how much your solar is producing and how much water you have used for the day.
  • Away from home, shopping, at work or on holidays, you can walk away knowing Gswitch will automatically switch off electrical items, and you can check online if anything unusual is happening at home.
  • Through our personalised consultation, we will customise the Gswitch for your home and your lifestyle making energy efficiency simple and enjoyable.

 graph of power use